Reduction of drug related harm in Montenegro

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Mart 18, 2015
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Jul 1, 2015

Reduction of drug related harm in Montenegro

Policy paper on reduction of drug related harm in Montenegro

General goal of this document is to support the creators of the policy in Montenegro in planning adequate and evidence based, rationally conceived responses of the public health and civil sector to decreasing drug related harm, i.e. according to generally accepted principles and recommendations of relevant international bodies and organizations with national strategic orientation. This document provides guidelines and counseling to decision and policy makers, based on the insight into the international and national situation, experience and practice, science based research and conslusions of perennial debates on the underlying subject. Furthermore, this document gives a starting impulse and necessarz framework for a productive dialogue between decision makers and civil society on general policy on drugs as well as dialogue on the role of reduction of drug related harm, based on experience and existing practical evidence rather than ideological positions.

Tatijana Đurišić
Tijana Žegura

Year: 2015.